O3 / 15 / 2022

Hello Big Boys and Girls!

Welcome to the YBBN directory, where we’re counting down the hours (months, really) before the release of the full game. You’re a Big Boy Now stands as an experiment that stretches the narrative tools of the Sandbox Game Maker and tries to pull at your heartstrings. Player is burdened by slow mechanics and time-consuming tasks (like slashing his way through never-ending tall grass). He interacts with NPCs via branching dialogue paths. Healing items are few and far between. Difficulty becomes punishing the more you engage with the world. Combat is best to avoid, as it deals great damage… Just like in those old adventure games, gameplay mechanics here (dialogue trees, collect-a-thons, puzzles) are based in emotion.

As Nomad, the player is thrown into an emotional flight-forward, running against time (a countdown-to-annihilation runs at the top of the screen) and towards a crucial decision to forego or, ultimately, reclaim his humanity. CHOICE is the main feature of the game, whereas it’s helping NPCs with mini-quests or setting a main narrative path for the character. When he reaches mid-point, the player is given a choice : Continue to the party ou Go Back to Eve… Which makes for very different journeys.  

How far can we make you care for such a misguided and unlikely hero? Is it really possible to tell a story of guilt, love and loneliness in simple Voxel form? In a time-limited fashion, with the player choosing his own path? Will you feel something (anything !) besides the soft touch of your keyboard ? All good questions - Looking for an answer.

We’re now finished with the first 15 minutes of the game. A sort of glorified introduction that is now scheduled to debut in The Sandbox’s third Alpha season, which is just around the corner. We’ll keep you updated on the release schedule. And of course we’ll keep working at it, expanding the world of Nomad and Eve, building the town and the Wasteland that surrounds it, paving the way to The Party (and back), creating Premium NFTs, growing the community, sharing videos and screenshots along the way… The experiment is ongoing.

Watch this space.