He always thought of
himself as dependable. So
even him was surprised
when he bailed on his
pregnant girlfriend
at the worst possible
time… Unredeemable
douchebag or foolish
Man-Child ? You decide.

She was prepared
for everything. The
apocalypse. The last day
on Earth. Her baby not
being born…One thing
she couldn’t foresee was
for her stupid boyfriend to
out-stupid himself. Those
fricking boys, right ?
Lady Book
Kind, cultured, drawn to
the poetics of life. She’s
a reminder of what hu-
manity used to be before
it all turned to shit. Now
she's gathering the finest
books ever written to
build a Memorial to our
(long past) greatness.

Old Man
A frail, eye-patch-wea-
ring grandpa who just
wants to spend these
final hours with his
grand-daughter. He’s on
a desperate mission to
save his beloved Sophie
from the dank marauders
that took her.  
Snatched by marauders,
she longs to reunite
with her dear old pop-
pop. She broke her arm
not long ago and meant
to take off her pink
arm-cast today.
« Because we’re all gonna
be taken off today ».    
Explosion Kid
He loves a good explosion,
and misses an arm and
leg to prove it. Today he’s
the happiest kid
in the whole wide world
because he’s gonna
witness the grand-daddy
of explosions.
The (very) big one.
Mr Quiz
We're in the final stretch
now. Some need to burn
their brain cells away.
Others want to cuddle
in fear. Him ? He takes
pride in a good trivia.
You’d need to answer
his tricky questions
to get into town.

High Priest
The last civil servant
on Earth (boring and
by-the-book), he’s
running an industry of
suicide in town. Dead
bodies power the nuclear
plant, which in turns
powers the party. And the
party can never stop.